Computer-Aided Boat & Ship Design and Construction

New Wave Systems, Inc. develops and sells software for computer-aided boat & ship design and construction. Our main product, "The Nautilus System", is an integrated set of computer programs for defining, fairing, analyzing, and constructing any type of boat or ship. Whether you are a first time backyard boatbuilder or a professional naval architect or shipbuilder, we have a program for you.


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Now anyone can afford a full-capability hull design program


Amateur and Family Boatbuilding

Introduction to Boat Design

ProSurf 3 Overview

Kayak & Baidarka Hulls

Marine Links and Resources

ProSurf 3 - Full Version of Hull  Surface Modeler

Pilot3D - Our General-Purpose Trimmed NURB Surface Program

Nautilus Stability Master - Ship Cargo Loading and Stability Program

ProSurf 3 and Rhino3D


Moloka'i Strait 79 by Sponberg Yacht Design


Van Gorkom Yacht Design


50 Foot Tug - Jonathan Werbel



Diesel Electric Research Sub - Jonathan Werbel



Center Console - Curtis Pippin




De Villiers Yacht Design


Cutter by Daniele Roscio


25 Foot Center Console with Angled Floor and Stringer Cuts

Outside Hull Was Offset by 7/8th of an Inch

Developed Patterns for Floor and Stringers


32 foot Shore Boat incorporating the Sports PlatformTM by James Backus


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