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Let's start with a few designs by a great designer and 3D modeler: Jonathan Werbel.



Diesel Electric Research Sub - Jonathan Werbel





18 Foot  Harbor Tug - Jonathan Werbel



Hopper Barge - Jonathan Werbel



Game model of the Nina done for Stainless Steel Studios.  Created with ProSurf 3 using NURB surfaces and output as only a 342 polygon (!) model as shown here. - Jonathan Werbel



Curtis R3C-2 Racing Float Plane - Rene Serrao




Specialty Marine - Steve Pollard

Author of "Boat Building With Aluminum"

31 X 10.5 Landing craft 6 ft. wide bow door




Sponberg Yacht Design

Moloka'i Strait 65 

Tank tested by 

Oceanic Consulting Corp. at the

 Institute for Marine Dynamics

 in St. John's, NF







65 Foot Tug

Jonathan Werbel

Below: 1700s English cutter for SeaDogs game

Output Resolution: only 1383 polygons!



Contact Jonathan Werbel for assistance with all of your 3D modeling and animation work.


















Open 30 class sailboat design by Van Gorkom Yacht Design

in Newport, Rhode Island




Pocock Racing Shells

Elite Women's Eight

Winner of 2001 NCAA Championships

5-Axis CNC Milled at Janicki Machine




Washburn & Doughty Associates, Inc.

"Fort Bragg" 91' X 32' X 13' Z Drive Tug


Waters Dancing Boat Kit Company

Trillium 21



Workskiff, Inc.

Aluminum Boats for Severe Service



Van Gorkom Yacht Design

Tank testing the VG 30

High performance & level rating designs



Bob Ames Naval Architecture

Performance Engineering

Vector - 2001 Boat of the Year





TPI Composites, Inc.

True North 38

Fast Family Cruiser



Lavranos Yacht Design - New Zealand

35m "Snow Goose"



Multihull Technologies - Walter Schurtenberger

Key West, Florida



Lobster Boat Design by Rene Serrao

Built by Dagley Boatworks

in water at Broad Cove, N.S.



Perception Kayaks

Whitewater - Touring - Recreational Kayaks




Winninghoff Boats

Aluminum boatbuilding specialist

40' Pilot Boat




Guillemot Kayaks


High Performance Wooden Sea Kayaks

Kayak Forum




Shearwater Boats

"The Merganser"

Canoes, Kayaks, Plans, Kits




David Burdett

For Westlawn School of Yacht Design Assignment




Ocean Tug and Barge

Amoco AT/B Unit







Steve Baker



Rick Etsell, P.E., Naval Architect

"Thea Foss" in Lake Washington Ship Canal

120' Motor Yacht




Hobie Cat Company




Tri-X-5  Designed and Built by Andrew C. Vavolotis at Robinhood Marine Center in Georgetown, Maine

See write-up in Multihulls Magazine - Nov/Dec 1999



Hinckley Yachts



Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilders

75 Foot "Charleston Class" Pilot Boat

Designed by C. Raymond Hunt



C. Raymond Hunt Associates



Arey's Pond Boat Yard

APBY Catboats




Escape Boats - Gary Hoyt, Designer