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NOTE: All of these articles are included in the demo which can be downloaded in the Products section.


1. "The Design Spiral for Computer-Aided Boat Design" (72 pages) - Stephen M. Hollister

This is a good overview of the boat design process and how it is applied to the computer.


2. "Automatic Hull Variation and Optimization" ( 10 pages) - Stephen M. Hollister

This is a technical (SNAME) paper that discusses some of the new methods we're working on.


3. "Hull Design: From the Drawing Board to the Computer" (13 pages) - Stephen M. Hollister

This is not available in HTML format yet and is not included in the demo..


4. "The Dirty Little Secrets of Hull Design by Computer" - Stephen M. Hollister

Published in Designer's Quarterly, this article discusses many of the difficulties of describing complex hull shapes using NURB surfaces.


5. "5-Axis Milling for Plugs, Molds, and Tooling" - Stephen M. Hollister

This article discusses the process of CNC milling directly from the computer hull model.


6. "Reverse Engineering 3D Computer Hull Shapes From 2D Lines Drawings and Offsets Tables" - Stephen M. Hollister

This article describes the process of inputting a hull shape from an existing lines drawing or table of offsets.