ProSurf 3 Order Form

YES! I would like to order ProSurf 3 for the low price of $395, plus $10 for shipping/handling in the US, or $20 for airmail shipping outside of the US.

Call and order from us in Rhode Island at (401) 423-1852 or fax this order form to (401) 423-1810, or e-mail the order to us at You can pay by check (in US$, from a US bank), MasterCard, or VISA - sorry, no American Express or Purchase Orders, please.

For mail in orders, make your check payable to "New Wave Systems, Inc." and send your check with this order form to:

New Wave Systems, Inc.

79 Narragansett Avenue

Jamestown, Rhode Island 02835


1. ProSurf 3 Hull Design Software          $395

2. Sales Tax (RI, CT, MA residents only)  _____

   (RI-7%, CT-6%, MA-5%)

3. Shipping and Handling Cost             _____

4. TOTAL COST                           _______




Address 1__________________________________________

Address 2__________________________________________

City_________________ State/County_________________

Country_______________ Zip/Postal Code_____________

Tel/Fax/or Email___________________________________

Marine Society/Member No.__________________________

___ Check Enclosed

VISA/MC Number________________________________

Expiration Date_______________________________

Name on Card__________________________________



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